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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Change your DG Protection Mode with one single parameter

Instead of setting 3 parameters to increase your detection and protection mode when using a DG environment, in 11g we can set just one parameter:

db_ultra_safe  = data_only, or data_and_index or off (Protect just table data, protect also index or none) .

This parameter changes these other 3 :  db_block_checking, db_lost_write_protect and db_block_checksum

Best Regards,
Paulo Portugal

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Check if your database is using ASYNC_IO or not

TO check if your database is using async_io, just execute this query below;

SYS@ABR1 AS SYSDBA> select count(*) filetype_name,asynch_io from v$iostat_file group by filetype_name,asynch_io;

------------- ---------

12 rows selected.


As you can see, I have 185 datafiles using ASYNC IO, if you cannot find anyone using ASYNC_ON, than you are not using ASYNC_IO, check your disk_asynch_io initialisation parameter and make sure it is set to TRUE.  Also check with your OS admin if your OS is ok to use ASYNC IO.

Best Regards,
Paulo Portugal

Thursday, October 2, 2014

GGSCI (host) 3> dblogin useridalias ggadm ERROR: Unable to open credential store. Error code 28761..

Add credentias to new version of GG:


Credential store created in ./dircrd/.

GGSCI (host) 5> ALTER CREDENTIALSTORE ADD USER ggadm, password xxxxx alias ggadm

Credential store in ./dircrd/ altered.

GGSCI (host) 6> dblogin useralias ggadm

This wors fine for me.

Best Regards,
Paulo Portugal

Friday, September 12, 2014

Change VMs on ODA using OAKCLI

1-Change  memory of a VM on ODA

oakcli configure vm VMBUILDER -maxmemory 24000 -memory 24000

2-Change CPU of a VM on ODA

oakcli configure vm VMBUILDER -vcpu 32 -maxvcpu 32

3-Configure a vm template

oakcli configure vmtemplate OEM12CTMPL -memory 8192M -maxmemory 8192M
oakcli configure vmtemplate OEM12CTMPL -network "['type=netfront, bridge=net1']"

4-Create CPU Pools

    oakcli create cpupool empool -numcpu 4 -node 0
    oakcli create cpupool empool -numcpu 4 -node 1

5-Use HA on a VM

oakcli configure vm OEM12CNODE1 -failover true -prefnode 0
    oakcli configure vm OEM12CNODE2 -failover true -prefnode 1

Best Regards,
Paulo Portugal

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 Failed on 11g RAC Installation. "USM driver install actions failed" "ACFS-9361: Removing device 'acfsctl' failed with error code '5888'"

If you got this error below while installing a new RAC 11g,

Now product-specific root actions will be performed.
Using configuration parameter file: /opt/oracle/products/11.2/grid/crs/install/crsconfig_params
User ignored Prerequisites during installation
Installing Trace File Analyzer
USM driver install actions failed
/opt/oracle/products/11.2/grid/perl/bin/perl -I/opt/oracle/products/11.2/grid/perl/lib -I/opt/oracle/products/11.2/grid/crs/install /opt/oracle/products/11.2/grid/crs/install/ execution failed

This is because your servers have some files from an old installation. Remove them. On all nodes, run these command below logged in as root:

/usr/sbin/rmsecattr -c /usr/lib/methods/defacfsctl
/usr/sbin/rmsecattr -c /usr/lib/methods/udefacfsctl
/usr/sbin/rmsecattr -c /usr/lib/methods/cfgacfsctl
/usr/sbin/rmsecattr -c /usr/lib/methods/ucfgacfsctl
/usr/sbin/rmsecattr -c /usr/lib/methods/defadvmctl
/usr/sbin/rmsecattr -c /usr/lib/methods/udefadvmctl
/usr/sbin/rmsecattr -c /usr/lib/methods/cfgadvmctl
/usr/sbin/rmsecattr -c /usr/lib/methods/ucfgadvmctl
/usr/sbin/rmsecattr -c /usr/lib/methods/cfgadvmvol
/usr/sbin/rmsecattr -c /usr/lib/methods/ucfgadvmvol
/usr/sbin/rmauth -h oracle
rmrole oracle_devmgmt
rm /usr/lib/drivers/oracle*
rm /usr/lib/methods/*advm* /usr/lib/methods/*acfs*
rm -rf /sbin/helpers/acfs
rm /usr/sbin/acfsutil* /usr/sbin/advmutil*
rm /sbin/acfsutil* /sbin/advmutil*

After that, run again

Best Regards,
Paulo Portugal

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Command to nanually deploy agent on EM Grid 12c

This is an example to deploy an agent from the target host using command line:

/db/products/agent12c/ADATMP_2014-09-02_23-40-20-PM/ -ignorePrereqs ORACLE_HOSTNAME=xxx0307.b2w AGENT_BASE_DIR=/db/products/agent12c OMS_HOST=xxx105.b2w EM_UPLOAD_PORT=4900 AGENT_INSTANCE_HOME=/db/products/agent12c/agent_inst b_doDiscovery=false b_startAgent=false b_forceInstCheck=true AGENT_PORT=3872

Best Regards,
Paulo Portugal

New Data Pump (IMPDP) In Memory Option on 12c

No you can specify a TRANSFORM option when using Data Pump to use IM clause on all objects being imported.

impdp system dumptile=dir:file.dmp TRANSFORM=INMEMORY:Y

This is a default option for data pump in 12c. So, remember if you are not using in memory, take it off.

Best Regards,
Paulo Portugal